About Me

My name is Michael A. Mascorro. My friends and family call me Mike. I was born in San Antonio, Texas. I grew up in this city that was referred as a big city with a small town feel to it. My blog is about classic rock and roll music. I’m an expert on this subject due to the many years of collecting and listening to this type of music. And over the years I’ve gathered information by means of research and association with various local musicians. I play guitar whenever I have some free time and I was in a garage band back in the days of my youth. We actually practiced in my parent’s garage, until we had to turn it down. My younger brother was our drummer. My blog will help other music lovers, musicians, collectors, and concert goers share their past experiences and common interest regarding this topic. You can contact me at metal__mike@hotmail.com  or at mmascorro5@alamo.edu  or at my work e-mail, mmascorro@klrn.org . I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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