Sound Systems 1

Sound Systems


  • Receivers
  • Amplifiers
  • Turn-tables
  • Tape decks
  • Speakers


Old Verses New

Old Stereo System

Old Stereo System

 My other hobby involves the art of collecting music and audio components; audiophile is the term for this pass time. I owe my dad credit for being an audiophile; he got me started on this fascination back in my childhood days. My dad started his album collection back in the 1950’s. He currently has over 500 LP’s; I on the other hand only have about 200 LP’s.

Old stereo systems verses new digital systems, I’m referring to analog sound compared to digital (cd). My view on this subject is that I prefer the old analog sound over the digital format for several reasons. One main reason is the analog sound has a warmth feeling (timbre) as to the digital sound has a flat, always the same signature. This term timbre has been explained to me by other audiophiles and I have to agree, the analog systems have this more natural sound.

However, depending on the condition of the vinyl record, one would prefer compact disk over vinyl. I can see this side of that argument. If a person’s record collection was not properly maintained, naturally the sound will suffer. Fortunately my vinyl collection is in excellent condition.

There’s a ritual involved when playing vinyl records, one has to wipe down the record with a static free cloth every time before and after each play. And of course handling the record by the edges is highly recommended in pro longing sound quality.

My record just ended and I have to go flip it over in order to hear the other side. I think the part of the digital argument concerning old vs. new is about convenience. Everything is so much easier these days.

On my next blog I will cover the topic of Stereo Receivers.



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