Metal Bands 4

Metal Bands 4







Scorpions are another great metal band that I also started listening to in high school. The first song that I heard from this band was entitled “Steam rock Fever”.  I was about 16 years old when I heard The Scorpions, which is also another metal band from the category of New Wave of British Heavy Metal.  An interesting fact about this band is that they were actually from Germany, not Britain. However they were considered New Wave Heavy Metal. One other band that was in this category (NWOBHM) was Accept, they too hailed from Germany.



Back in the days of MTV, when they actually played music videos, Scorpions hit song “Rock You like a Hurricane” quickly put the band on the road to fame. A string of hits soon followed and this particular song (Rock You like a Hurricane) according to VH1 is Number 18 out of 100 top hard rock songs of all time.

The band is still touring, the only two original members remaining are Rudolf Shenker (lead guitarist) and Klaus Meine (lead vocalist).

Since the band’s formation back in the early 1970’s the Scorpions have released numerous albums and played many concerts. Two years ago, the Scorpions announced they were retiring, but that hasn’t happened. I listen to the Scorpions music frequently, and I consider them my top five metal bands of all time.




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