Metal Bands 3

Metal Bands 3





High 'n' Dry

High ‘n’ Dry

Def Leppard is another great metal band that I started listening to in high school. The first song that I heard from this new band was entitled  “Hello America”. This song title was appropriate due to the fact the band had recently arrived in America. I was about 17 years old when I heard Def Leppard, which is also another metal band from the category of New Wave of British Heavy Metal.  An interesting fact about the first time I heard that first song “Hello America” was on my friend’s cassette car stereo system.

Def Leppard was formed in 1977 by Rick Savage (bass player) and Joe Elliott (lead vocalist). Another interesting fact regarding this band was their age range. When DL’s First album premiered (On through the Night) in 1980, the average age of the band members was only seventeen. Their second album release (High & Dry) was a major success and got the band instantly famous. Back in the early days of MTV, when they actually played music videos, Def Leopard’s song “Bringin’ on the Heartbreak” quickly rose to #38 on the billboard charts in 1981.

Def Leppard’s sound is considered melodic metal, a combination of pop and rock. In my view I think this type of new sound the band produced is why they had so many radio hits.

The band is still touring, but sadly they’ve lost two members over the years, Steve Clark (original lead guitarist) and Pete Willis (original bassist). I still listen to DL and one last interesting item to add, I still have that original cassette tape of Def Leppard, “On Through the Night”, and it still sounds great on my system.



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