Metal Bands 2

Metal Bands 2







Iron Maiden is another great metal band that I started listening to in high school. I remember the first song by Iron Maiden I heard on the radio, “Running Free”. I was about 17 years old when I heard this new type of Heavy Metal music. This new type of metal was called New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

This new addition to my music category was great, I got into it rather quick and I still listen to this heavy music. Some-one once told me way back in the days of my youth that the music you listen to when you’re fourteen or fifteen years old, is the music you’re probably going to keep hearing throughout your adult years. I believe that was an accurate statement, I still listen to this metal music quite often. It actually helps me get motivated in the early morning hours of the day.

Back to Iron Maiden, this band was formed in the East End of London back in 1975 by Steve Harris, the bassist. They’re considered the other Pioneers of New Wave Heavy Metal. Judas Priest, my other favorite band was the first. Iron Maiden has gone through numerous changes throughout the years. They’re currently touring and still recording albums. I rank this band number two out of my top five list.



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