Favorite Bands Part 2

Favorite Music (continued)

Hard Rock and Heavy Metal

Favorite Bands

  • Led Zeppelin
  • Rush
  • Aerosmith
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Deep Purple
  • Judas Priest


Led Zeppelin    

This rock band is one of my all time favorites. They definitely have stood the test of time. I’m really glad Led Zeppelin was finally honored at the Kennedy Awards this past December. That was truly amazing for me and all the fellow rockers out there in the rock & roll community. Wow! What an honor for them. As I was watching that show on TV, I noticed that the lead singer, Robert Plant, was almost in tears while watching another famous rock band, Heart, playing  “Stairway to Heaven”. It was a moving experience for me, as I saw each of the band members expressions during that spectacular performance of their music, by the featured bands that night. I mean, that show was incredible.

I like to play Led Zeppelin songs on my guitar. Someday I hope to sound like Jimmy Page. I’m almost there. I’ll have that topic on a future post. But for now, I’ll be signing off for the night.


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