My First Real Blog

My Autobiography:

My name is Michael Mascorro, my friends and families call me Mike. I was born and grew up here in San Antonio and graduated from R.E. Lee High school many years past. I’m a returning student from the original Alamo College, S.A.C. My major is Multi-Media Specialist. I work in the media field. Currently I’m a Master Control Operator at KLRN-TV, our local PBS Affiliate. I am married to my lovely wife, Linda. We both share similar likes in music and sporting events.

Favorite Bands:

Some of my favorite music dates back to when I was very young. I can remember listening to music with my dad on his old stereo system. My dad liked the music from his time, which was from the 50’s, its rock & roll, and that’s where it all started for me.

These are some of the bands I started listening to when I was about twelve or thirteen years old: The Rolling Stones, Beatles, Dylan, and many others.

As I got a little older, I started listening to the harder rock bands, for instance: Aerosmith was one, Heart, ZZ Top, and this one band named April Wine. I still like these bands and I listen to them now and then.


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